For the launch of the first product collection and the international presentation of the material NewspaperWood, Mieke Meijer and Vij5 asked a group of talented Dutch designers to experiment with NewspaperWood within the collection of Vij5.

The main goal was to create a wide view and exploration over the possibilities such a new material had to offer. The experiment is being embraced and created an open character to the project as a whole, keeping future possibilities open and within reach.

This divergent collection was successfully presented in Milan in April 2011.

The project included the following products, of which some were added to the current Vij5 collection:

  • Framed; NewspaperWood cabinet by Breg Hanssen (now part of the Vij5 collection)
  • Sample series; NewspaperWood jewelry by rENs (now part of the Vij5 collection)
  • Paper Frames; NewspaperWood wall frames by Ontwerpduo (now part of the Vij5 collection)
  • Press to open; NewspaperWood cabinet by Floris Hovers
  • Reading Light; NewspaperWood lamp by Christian Kocx
  • Display Cabinet; NewspaperWood cabinet by rENs
  • From A to Z; NewspaperWood desk by Greetje van Tiem
  • United; NewspaperWood stool by Tessa Kuyvenhoven

Please have a look at the website of the Dutch design label Vij5 for more product information.

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  • Customer: Vij5
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