NewspaperWood reverses a traditional production process; not from wood to paper, but from (news)paper to wood.

When a NewspaperWood log is cut, the layers of paper appear like wood grain or growth rings of a tree and therefore resemble the aesthetics of real wood.

NewspaperWood is the result of a project by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Mieke Meijer. Since then a custom-made machine has been developed to produce a veneer product from residual material from the paper industry. The material itself can be recycled again within the existing cycle of paper recycling, with this NewspaperWood contributes to the circular economy.

Processed into 0,6mm veneer sheets, the material shows a grain structure created by countless layers of newspaper. The uniqueness of the material is determined by visible traces of printed letters, photographs, advertisements and other graphic elements in the source material.

With NewspaperWood, companies or brands in various industries can distinguish themselves in terms of materialization, design and sustainability. Together with our customers, we develop distinctive and innovative applications with a good story.