One of the most recent NewspaperWood experiments involves the colour of the basic material of which NewspaperWood is created. For this project, Vij5 collected several coloured newspapers as a starting point and got in contact with four different newspapers who were willing to support this project:

  • La Gazetta della Sport (pink)
  • Italia Oggi (yellow)
  • Asharq Al-Awsat (green)
  • Financial Times (salmon)

This experiment shows that all over the world residual material is available in various colours, transferring its own unique identity onto our material.
Through this, Vij5 introduced a new colour palette for special editions of their products Framed, Tabloid Tables and Sample Series in Milan 2014. By using the coloured NewspaperWood as a starting point and colouring the supporting materials, this intervention created an interesting visual impact.

  • Project Type: Product collection (special editions)
  • Customer: Vij5
  • Website: